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.。*・☆Midsummer night's dream☆・*。.
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1st-Oct-2012 11:37 pm - [sticky post] Welcome
Shou's lips <3

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Things you should know about me;
✽you can call me Laura and I’m currently live with my mom in Manado, Indonesia.
✽I am a bookworm, I pretty much prefer to spend my time with reading and writing.
✽I have a quite foul mouth, mostly when it comes to the things I hate like bugs, snakes and (especially) annoying fangirl.
✽I love music, I listens almost all kind of music but I find myself mostly fond into Japanese and Chinese music.
✽I love yaoi, like any other jrock fangirl, I like fantasying about my bias from any band I love. From my favourite band Alice Nine, I’m currently addicted to ToraxShou.

I love having new friends so introduce yourself here and feel free to add me, I’ll definitely add you back. Thanks for drop by (^^)/
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